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Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Animation: 4.0
Characters: 4.5
Story Line: 4.5
Music: 3.0

The exciting conclusion to the anime series Gundam Wing, witch recently aired on the Cartoon Network, is surely not one to be missed. Fans of any one of the many Gundam shows and movies will surely enjoy this feature.
The animation is exceptional, with great character design, and some of the best Mecca in anime today. The Gundams are redesigned and more powerful than ever in their "Custom" chassis and move beautifully across the battle field. The backgrounds have not improved much from the original series, but are still very good.
Characters are what you'd expect from any Gundam Series: mysterious. The five youth pilots and their clouded pasts play a major role in this film. A little is revealed about each one's origin and how they came to be Gundam Pilots. The pacifist Relena is at times annoying, much like the series, but her thoughts of peace being attained by not fighting are gone. Then there are the villains, the terrorist master mind isn't what you would call intimidating and kind of reminds me of Yugi from Tenchi in Tokyo.
The story line is really confusing at first, but once the movie gets going, it really unfolds. The major twist in the story line is the plan of Operation Meteor, and what it was originally. The plot is very good, I can't think of one problem with it.
The music could have been better though, at least I thought. The soundtrack was good, but not great. The Gundam series never really seem to loose their 70's music quality, all though the Japanese version of White Reflection was exceptionally good.
All in all, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz was an entertaining piece of Mecca history, and definitely one to own.

Little Maphu, Site Owner

Ah Yes, the Gundam Movie of the loved New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing Series. It was a great movie, for this reviewer and was watched so many times. It was recorded from Toonami and was savored for the time that he had borrowed it. But enough about me, and more about Endless Waltz.

Story Line: Endless Waltz is a movie, set after the last episode in Gundam Wing. In it, we learn alot about our characters past and there are some sequences of the Pilots. Such as where Trowa Barton got his name. In the beggining of the movie we see the Gundam Pilots Quatre raberra Winner and Duo Maxwell sending the Gundams into the sun. Meanwhile Deiken Barton is manipulating Mari-Maia into believing that she must take over Earth. She Kidnaps Relena Peacecraft, knowing she would not fight back to protect her pacifist ways. Soon, Relena and the Gundam Pilots realize that pacifism isn't the way to attain peace, and neither is violence..
Rating: 4.0 It was orginal in my view, but it had a bit too much morality.

Characters: The Characters were well balanced. The reckless one is Wufei, who heads into battle, and/or joins the other side, and/or switches back, ect. Duo is the happy go lucky kid, who just can't keep a smile off his face. There is the serious one, who is always down to business... Heero Yuy. Next is Trowa Barton, the silent one, who is also very merciless in battle. Quatre adds the common sense into it also being a optimistic person, but keeping reality by his side. Relena, is very level headed. All the rest of the characters are well too.
Rating: 4.5 almost a totally good cast, but it doesn't have that "beautiful lady" that is in most animes.

Music: The Music here was fine, I have the theme song downloaded into my computer. I didn't hear that much music, but all the music fit in well.
Rating: 3.5 I didn't hear much music like I said, but it went well with the animation.

Animation: The Animation was great, especially the battles, it almost seemed like regular people fighting. As always, the people are less detailed than the Gundams, but they were detailed greatly nonetheless. The Animation during the battle at the beggining was good, and the battle towards the end was cool too.
Rating: 5.0. The Animation was great, and the battles and people were excellent.

Final Rating: 4.5 Everything was just great, and the movie was fine, but it was just not appealing enough during the end. Although one part I didn't get was were Heero shot an unloaded gun at someone and said that he had killed them.

Rurouni Kenshin - Wandering Samurai

Gundam: 08th MS Team

Story Line:5.0

Somebody pinch me! A Gundam series about regular soldiers? Now that's a first! I really enjoyed this series, it's on my top ten list of anime without a doubt!
The Animation is what to be expected from a gundam Series.. great! Awesome Mobile Suit Battles up the wazoo! I love the RX-79, you just can't help but love it! When those Gundam's stride across Zeon Territory, you know the Federal Forces are protecting the Earth!
Characters are suprisingly normal, no clouded pasts, no extrodinary piloting skills. They're just normal pilots trying to get through the war. That's what I loved about this series, it was about normal people!
The story line is extrodinary! There is no definite bad guy in this series, just opposite sides of a war. In the words of Shiro Amada," Both sides have good people" This series is about a Federal Forces pilot falling in love with a Zeon pilot, both sides wont have it, and the two must work together to make them realize.
The music was awesome, I especially like the battle music. Although I haven't beeen able to find any mp3s of this series (If you could send them or know where to find them, It would be much appreciated!)
All in all, 08th Ms Team was one of the coolest Gundam Series to date, I loved it and fellow Otakus will too. You gotta rent this sucker!

LittleMaphu,Site Owner



I have a theory... If you call yourself an otaku but have not witnessed the anime that is Akira, you are mereley a fan. It's no wonder akira has got the highest score so far in the Otaku Weekly.
The animation in this film was great for it's time, people had not seen anything like it, it was the film that sparked anime in america. I have recently watched the new special edition of Akira, and I must say I'm impresssed! The animation is very clean and is what you would expect from modern anime today.
The characters are great in this film, you can see the growing hatred within Tetsuo, and the tension between him and Kaneda. Within this huge metropolis overflowing with subplots and alternate stories, there is a small bike gang, led by a fearless teen. The characters really start to develop within the movie, and you can't help but like em'.
As for the storyline... It was one of the most confusing pieces of filmtography I've ever witnessed... and I loved it to death! The unsolved mysteries leaves you begging for more, the twist in plotlines leaves you with whiplash! I can't say enough about the plot of Akira, it was a huge universe wich has yet to reveal all of it's mysteries. all I can say for the storyline is, Thank god for web sites and that 2,500 page manga!
The music is okay, it didn't really fit the scenes but the beginning song when they're going after the clown gang is pretty awesome (I have it on my comp). All in all, I would have expected more from an anime legend, but beggers can't be choosers!
After the two hours and four minutes of Akira, at 1:56 in the morining, I was left with one thought in my mind," What just happened?" I soon figured it out though, with the help of fan sites (Thank's guys!) Before watching Akira, know these important things,
.It's violent as heck
.It's confusing as heck
.It's weird as heck
.And it's one of the best anime ever created

LittleMaphu, Site Owner