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The Colony Wars Universe


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Book 1: Mercenary

Main Characters

Straypher Steel: Retired Marine and best freelancer in the system. He is 28 and has a clouded past. Rumor has it, Straypher was born on Earth somewhere in the United States. He later had a brother, Daren Steel, who is currently a police officer. His parents were killed in a raid by the colonist rebels, he joined the military intending to exact revenge. During his training, he learned how to use a gun and became a hot shot pilot and marksmen. He also befriended the Gate War veteran, Andrew Sheznai. After receving several promotions and recommendatons, Straypher was made a Captain and took command of the 65th Strike Unit. During their 16th mission, the other teamates where all killed except for Sheznai. Straypher left military and fled to the colonies where he became an excellent mercenary and bounty hunter. He owns a modified freighter, the Ares and currunently resides on C4.

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